IAQ Update: QA Test Bench Video, Project Updates, & Timelines

Happy May IAQ Community!

In this update we have created a video for you that demonstrates how we approach quality assurance. We also have some information regarding the importing obstacles we've faced. Lastly, we have an update on the timelines.

Our Radon sensor remains our main challenge in order to deliver IAQ to you. Back when we first envisioned IAQ, it was a gathering of all of the necessary existing sensors combined with machine learning to detect all the EPA recommended pollutants. While attempting to acquire an existing Radon sensor, no manufacturer would sell them to us, nor anyone else. No problem, we'll just build our own! And that is exactly what we did. In only 3 months, we researched, designed, prototyped, and built a fully working sensor. Ask anyone in this space, that is a bonkers accomplishment! Mass producing them is the last challenge in this journey.

As you all know, getting the manufacturer to produce these perfectly every time has been an issue. To address that, we designed our own quality assurance test bench that identifies Radon sensors that are not within our specifications. Based on data read from the board, we can suggest where the probable issue is. We've been chasing this issue for a few months now and we know that most of the time it is a specific amplifier on the board that when not soldered correctly and power is given to it, its effectiveness is reduced by 80% which renders the Radon sensor ineffective. Removing this part and soldering a new one properly solves the issue. The QA test bench is critical to this process happening at the manufacturer and not at IAQ headquarters, or at least before it gets to IAQ headquarters.

From previous updates you'll remember that we've been registering with the CBP. That went smoothly. The issue remaining is the 25% tariff they want to charge us. We were aware of this but made sure to import things in such a way as to be an exception to this law. We're in the process of proving that right now. This doesn't prevent us from importing, it just adds a huge fee on top of it. We're working hard to get past that. If for any reason we cannot, we'll just pay the tariff so that we can get IAQ into your hands.

With respects to timelines, all things considered, we're looking at middle to end of July right now to ship IAQ to your door.

Our primary goal will always be a device that changes the world. These delays, while frustrating, are in direct support of that goal.

As always, thank you for believing in us. We won't let you down on our goal.

The IAQ Team

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