IAQ Update: New Pictures, Timelines, & News

Hello and Happy Holidays IAQ Supporters!

We’d like to provide you with a detailed update on what the team is working on and where we stand with respect to delivering IAQ devices. As a great songwriter once said, waiting is the hardest part. We know it feels like we’re inching toward the finish line and we sincerely appreciate your patience.

As you might know from our last couple of updates, the team has been estimating December for when we’re able to ship out IAQ devices. However, we’re likely to miss this target and are now estimating early next year. We know this may be disappointing—trust us, no one wants to get the devices to you more than us—but we think you’ll agree with our reasons for moving the timeline.

Our goal in creating IAQ and launching our Kickstarter campaign was to make indoor air quality monitoring accessible, accurate, and more comprehensive than ever before. We are confident IAQ does this by measuring more pollutants than any comparable product on the market, all in a device you can set up in one minute and seamlessly integrate with your smart home platform. This goal comes with a high standard for device performance, down to every single IAQ component. Over the past month, we’ve encountered a few opportunities to improve device functionality, and we are committed to making sure you receive a product that fulfills our mission and satisfies your expectations.

To dive in a little deeper to the specifics, our primary challenge has been the integration of our radon sensors. At the moment, there are no competitive products that offer the pollutant detection capabilities of IAQ that include measuring radon. This represents a significant differentiator of our device, but there is a reason so few products offer radon coverage. Quite frankly, it’s not easy to do.

In our most recent prototypes, we’ve found that the radon tolerances are very small, which means some of the boards haven’t consistently delivered radon sensing accuracy within the appropriate margin of error. We’ve had to reorder boards several times to correct the inconsistencies, which has subjected us to longer than expected waiting times and the realities of unpredictable parts supply chains. As of now, we are waiting for a new set of remanufactured boards that will likely take a few weeks of troubleshooting and testing once in hand. As soon as we can confirm 100% success rate with our radon sensors, we will begin assembly and ship devices to you.

Here is a video explaining more details: 

We once again thank you for your support and patience throughout this roller coaster adventure. Rest assured, the team at IAQ is laser focused on ensuring the device is worthy of our high standards and that ultimately you receive a product that is everything you hope for and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback.

Kind regards,

The IAQ Team

P.S. Here are a couple cool shots of the boards without any components soldered to them. Beautiful!

IAQ Main Board
IAQ Radon Sensor
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