IAQ Update: Exciting Progress Update with Expected Delivery Timeline

Dear IAQ Supporters,

We hope this note finds you well and excited for 2024. As of our last update, we mentioned "early next year" as our expected timeline target for shipping your IAQ devices. Today, we're thrilled to provide a more specific update: we are now estimated to ship devices in the first week of March!

As always, our commitment to delivering a top-quality product drives every decision we make. But there is no getting around it, we've faced a number of unexpected challenges that have delayed our production schedule. The primary reason relates to our efforts to perfect the radon sensor, a critical component that sets IAQ apart as the only market-available device capable of measuring all common indoor pollutants, including radon.

Integrating this advanced sensor into our device has proven to be a complex process. The order and delivery cycle with our sensor manufacturing partners means that any corrections can add several weeks to our timeline. Moreover, ongoing supply chain disruptions, including major delays at the Panama and Suez Canals and geopolitical turmoil in Europe and the Middle East, have led to prolonged wait times for international parts deliveries.

Despite these challenges, we are confident that we are nearing the end of these lengthy logistics cycles. We are now finalizing orders for all necessary components, including packaging, power cables, accessories, and special Founder’s Edition items exclusively for our Kickstarter supporters.

We understand that delays can be frustrating, and we cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and support. Please rest assured, we are fully committed to delivering a high-quality device that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the shipping date. We are more excited than ever to get IAQ across the finish line and into your hands, helping you monitor and improve the air quality in your homes and workspaces. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to leave feedback or ask questions.

Thank you for being an integral part of the IAQ journey!

Warm regards,

The IAQ Project Team

PS. Here's IAQ, snug in its packaging, almost at your doorstep. The countdown to cleaner air begins!

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