IAQ Status Update With Expected Delivery Time Updates

Hello IAQ Champions!

The new year is well on its way and we hope that it has been a fantastic start for you as it has been for us!

As IAQ approaches completion, there are some exciting new achievements to discuss and some unfortunate delays to give more information on.

As you know, it is our desire to deliver the best indoor air quality monitor that anyone has ever seen. We believe we have accomplished that and are in the thick of it manufacturing the device that will soon be in your hands.

I am extremely pleased to let you know that we have started to receive the components for each of your individual devices. Hundreds of power blocks, cables, components, etc. have safely landed at our office. The quality is nothing short of epic!

As components for the IAQ device started to arrive, the US Customs and Border Protection reached out requiring documentation, paperwork, drawings, and more to avoid a plethora of duties and tariffs associated with each individual part or component to IAQ. This is largely due to the fact that we're not registered as an importer yet. This isn't a surprise to us, but what is a surprise is the amount of time it takes to get it all sorted out. There is no timeline given by the US CBP, but sources tell us it is typically weeks to a few months.

The delay is certainly frustrating, but the establishment of our importer status will make things smooth for everything else in the future. We've already been working on this for a few weeks now.

In our last update we mentioned the first week of March to start shipping devices. The most accurate estimation we have for this now is middle of April to first week of May.

Thank you again for your support in the IAQ journey. We cannot wait to get these devices in your hands!

Warm regards,

The IAQ Project Team

PS. Here is a picture of some of the components ready to be packaged! Also, a bonus inclusion of one of the 3D printers (the just released Prusa XL) that will be creating the lovely case for each IAQ.

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